Attorney Mary Olsson, JD, RN, MPH, president of the Olsson Law Firm, began practice in Massachusetts in 1987 and joined the Florida Bar in 1991.  She is admitted to practice in the US Supreme Court and US Federal Court and is a member of both Massachusetts and Florida Bar. Ms. Olsson, while a practicing professional nurse, attended Boston University School of Law where she received the schools highest distinction award in Estate Planning.


 After graduation, she associated for three years in an active general defense litigation law firm. After several years of her association at Trust Advisory Services, PC, an asset protection and estate planning law firm, Ms. Olsson began the Olsson Law Firm in Massachusetts in 2004. 


She is co-author of "Generation Skipping Trust Handbook" and has lectured extensively in Estate Planning and as guest lecturer in Legal Liability at Boston College. She has represented clients in Florida Probate Court  in petitions for guardianship and estate planning.  A past CEO and Board Chair of  Massachusetts and Florida non-profits, she was recognized and awarded by the Massachusetts Supreme Court Chief Justices  in 2008 for her extensive work for the homeless.

Elected Selectperson, she served as municipal leader of Bolton, Ma, where she raised her three children before relocating in 2011. Attorney Olsson is also a member of Florida and Massachusetts State Nurses Association, holds a Florida Risk Management licensure and is certified in competency hearings for elderly.  Ms. Olsson participates in the Florida South Sarasota County Probate and Real Estate Section and the Venice Area Estate Planning Council as well as several other community organizations.